Account Recovery Windows/macOS/Android/iOS

This section walks you through the steps required to experience Account Recovery with the Nok Nok banking demo application.


  1. Ensure you are signed into your account either through FIDO authentication or username and password
  2. Add an Account Recovery method, click the drop down menu in the upper left of your screen and select Recovery Settings.
  3. Select Recovery email or Recovery phone, enter your email address or phone number, and click Send.
  4. An account recovery setup OTP verification code is sent to your email address or phone.
    Enter the verification code you received and click Verify.
  5. An account recovery method is automatically created when the code is validated. You can use this account recovery method to access your account in the future if needed.
  6. Next, let's try account recovery.
    Ensure you Sign Out, then click Trouble signing in? on the sign in page.
  7. Enter your phone number or email for the recovery methods you set up earlier, click Next, then click Send.
  8. An account recovery OTP code is sent.
    Enter the verification code you received and click Next.
  9. Congratulations! You have now regained access to your account through the account recovery method!