With over 200M smart watches in use around the world, adding passwordless authentication to the wrists of the most tech-savvy and wealthiest consumers will drive customer engagement and make your service stand apart from your competitors.  With the Nok Nok App SDK for Smart Watch, you now have that opportunity.

Your customers interact with services using different digital channels.  While many customers use Mobile App, Mobile Web or Desktop Web today, there is a growing number of users that want to keep the smartphone in their pocket and just use their smartwatch to access the data they need.

In the past this was done using Oauth or other bearer tokens that could be stolen and hence need to be renewed frequently.  Now, by leveraging the strong device binding characteristic of FIDO platform authenticators as well as their convenient ease of use, Nok Nok brings strong and convenient authentication to this emerging wearable digital channel.

Benefits of the App SDK for Smart Watch

Serving an important demographic

The number of smartwatches in use is growing at 25% CAGR with 38% of US citizens between 25-34 already wearing one.  Consumers will spend over $40B on wearables in 2019, and by 2022 Gartner Group projects there will be over 450M units in use worldwide.

Ease of use

We allow smart watch Apps to strongly and conveniently authenticate to backend services – no need for the user to enter passwords or one-time passcodes.  This allows you to see your account balance, stock portfolio – and make sure others can’t.

Unified authentication infrastructure

With the Nok Nok App SDK for Smart Watch, our customers are able to standardize on next-generation authentication across all digital channels – including smart watches.  Smart watch apps can have a strong, device-bound credential that doesn’t need frequent renewal and server-side infrastructure can be standardized to support industry standards, including FIDO next-generation authentication – across all digital channels.