Implementing FIDO Authentication: The Intuit And Nok Nok Products Partnership

Security is an important aspect that companies have to prioritize when it comes to onboarding and sign-in processes. However, it is not the only thing that businesses have to think about.

Perhaps equally vital is user experience. It is crucial for companies to provide convenience. This way, customers will not view the sign-in process as a chore. 

Intuit, a global technology platform, understands this need. In its search for a solution that will ensure the protection of customer data and offer a convenient user experience, Intuit decided to partner with Nok Nok Products to implement FIDO Authentication.

A Partnership for Better Service With Biometric Authentication

The partnership, as discussed by Intuit Director and Head of Product Marcio Mello, produced phenomenal results. They used biometric authentication based on FIDO standards in their mobile applications, such as Turbo Tax.

Analysis of data during the implementation showed improvement. The company saw no drops during onboarding. The addition of biometrics into the flow helped the company achieve zero enrollment drops.

Additionally, the success rate for signing in also increased. It was almost 100%. In fact, Mello confirmed a 99.9% success rate. That is an improvement compared to other factors. For instance, OTP over SMS can give companies approximately 80% to 85% success. That is if the company is lucky.

That means the FIDO Authentication implementation helped reduce friction in the customer life cycle. 

For organizations with multiple apps, Mello suggests building multi-factor authentication (MFA). According to him, the priority should be the entry point.

Nok Nok Products and MFA

When it comes to user experience, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. That is why companies need to work with reliable industry experts. For instance, Intuit worked with Nok Nok Products for biometric authentication.

Nok Nok Products is a member of the FIDO Alliance. It is among the companies that are pushing for the lessening of password reliance. That said, it does not mean it is against the use of passwords. Aside from biometric authentication, Nok Nok Products offers MFA. Companies can opt for the feature that will best suit their services and needs.

Working with Nok Nok Products comes with many advantages. For example, the company’s services can improve onboarding success by 10%. The onboarding time can also decrease by 50%. Furthermore, sign-in speed can increase by 78%.

If you want to experience the benefits that Nok Nok Products offers, connect with the Nok Nok team.

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