Smartphone adoption is nearing 90%. Devices filled with biometric sensors live in pockets around the world.  The Nok Nok S3 Authentication Suite empowers forward looking companies to leverage this prepopulated biometric ecosystem, adding multi-factor authentication and simple usability without increasing development and deployment costs. Biometrics – done correctly – can power a new age of strong and secure identity assurance through next-generation authentication.

Device Side vs. Server Side Biometrics

Biometric sensors can be one of the most secure ways to access systems and information.  However, because biometric data is unique to an individual and is immutable, special care must be taken on how that biometric data is collected, encrypted and stored.

The implications for privacy and liability of processing biometric data are complex. Nok Nok Labs and PriceWaterhouseCoopers worked together to produce a the white-paper Biometrics and Privacy: On Device vs. On Server Matching.

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Next-generation Authentication will provide Strong and Secure assurances of identity. Companies can be freed from acting from a place of fear – calculating the possibility of fraud and risk inherent in a system.  With next-generation authentication, companies can be assured of a persons identity – powered by the explosion of available biometric sensors.

Nok Nok makes it an easy task for developers to harness pre-packaged biometric sensors for the purposes of authentication. The S3 Suite can capture these signals on any device or platform; Android, iOS, Windows and more.