Enhanced identity and authentication services are necessary to compete for today’s customers. DOCOMO’s visionary commitment to simple and strong authentication is a milestone in the journey to drive secure and convenient online authentication on a global scale. DOCOMO is a leader and innovator in the market, paving the way for other carriers and companies in Japan, and around the world, to follow their lead in adopting modern authentication solutions as a key foundation for their business initiatives and services support. Their decision to use Nok Nok Labs’ products validates our vision for strong authentication online and is a true inflection point in increasing security across the global online ecosystem.

Seiji Maruyama, Vice President, Managing Director, Product Department at NTT DOCOMO, INC. said “By eliminating passwords with Nok Nok Labs’ FIDO-certified solution, we are able to deliver a superior end-user experience that includes enhanced security features; we will also be able to introduce innovative new services and product offerings that are able to utilize this same standards-based platform.”

Mr. Maruyama commented, “After reviewing the different approaches to authentication available today, we settled on the FIDO standards and Nok Nok Labs’ solution as the right strategy for solving the current and future authentication needs of our customers. We determined that Nok Nok Labs had the best solution and a vision that is aligned with ours. We have been very pleased with the technology and support we’ve received from Nok Nok Labs, and we look forward to a long-lasting partnership.”

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Gallagher’s new platform developed with Nok Nok Labs S3 Authentication Suite provides strong physical access control for organizations with IoT systems requiring human authentication.

Gallagher customers require powerful access control solutions. The Gallagher / Nok Nok Labs solutions address common challenges faced by facilities managers, ensuring only authorized users can access secure facilities and reducing cardholder management costs. Leveraging the biometrics available on omni-present smartphones will eliminate the need for physical access cards and can reduce the administration involved in assigning cards to employees.

Gallagher has developed a strategic partnership with Nok Nok Labs because of our deep roots in the authentication landscape and our first-to-market FIDO-based solution. This state-of-the-art, standards-based platform delivers a tremendous user experience.

The Gallagher access control devices now support the FIDO Universal Authentication Framework (UAF) protocol. Gallagher Command Center is an on-premise solution for physical access control that includes credentials, readers and intermediate controllers.

Steve Bell, CTO of Gallagher, commented “It’s great to see the smartphone manufacturers improving the security and usability of their biometric authentication. iPhoneX face recognition and Gallagher Mobile Connect Access Control using FIDO and Nok Nok Labs SDK – It Just Works!”

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With the expansion of public safety broadband in countries around the world, Motorola Solutions needs to offer strong, secure and standards-based authentication to public safety customers for cloud, mobile, enterprise and IoT use cases.

Motorola Solutions understands that public safety users need technology that is both intuitive and highly secure. Motorola Solutions leverages Nok Nok Labs’ industry-leading technology to produce innovative software, devices and networks that deliver strong, secure authentication to users of critical infrastructure.

Together Motorola Solutions and Nok Nok Labs are accelerating the use of standards-based authentication technologies in market verticals that have the most need for upgrading critical authentication infrastructure.

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Nok Nok Labs was selected by PayPal and Samsung to provide the first FIDO deployment that enabled a simple, more secure mobile shopping experience using biometrics on mobile devices to perform frictionless payments.

PayPal has been an early advocate to an industry-wide approach to solving the problems of using passwords for online authentication. Nok Nok Labs is proud to have co-founded the FIDO Alliance with PayPal and to have supplied the platform that allowed them to be first-to-market with a FIDO-based solution for authenticating payments simply and securely.

Web services such as PayPal can seamlessly add support for new and innovative methods of authentication, while ensuring that aged or broken authenticators can be quickly removed from circulation.

Using Nok Nok’s S3 Authentication Suite means that users will no longer need to type passwords or login details when they shop. They benefit from a uniquely secure and seamless online, mobile and in-store shopping experiences across the millions of merchants that accept the trusted PayPal service – consumers don’t need to sacrifice convenience to increase security.

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Nok Nok Labs Announces Strategic partnership with Fujitsu Limited to Accelerate FIDO Authentication in Japan.

Technology market leader in Japan to resell Nok Nok Labs’ authentication solutions to global customer base.


Nok Nok Labs Delivers Frictionless Authentication and Enables Secure Payments to PCs.

Nok Nok Labs leverages standards-based authentication to enable stronger, simpler, and more secure payments for computer users.


Lenovo and Nok Nok Labs Partner to Deliver Next Generation Strong Authentication.

Founding members of the FIDO Alliance collaborate to address industry-wide problem.


Samsung and PayPal Select Nok Nok Labs to Power the First FIDO-Ready Authentication Ecosystem.

Secure customer payments uniquely enabled with Easy-to-Use Fingerprint Sensors on New Samsung Galaxy S5.


ThreatMetrix and Nok Nok Labs Partner to Deliver Innovative Authentication Technologies.

Market leaders in risk-based authentication and strong authentication to provide integrated FIDO compliant solution for digital identity usage worldwide.