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Nok Nok Passwordless Authentication is based on the FIDO Alliance authentication standards and works on any of your digital devices. Going passworldless is easy to set up using any of the latest web browsers, or through a native app on your mobile device. The demo environments provided enable you to experience the most common method for yourself.

1. Download the Nok Nok BankAuth App from Google Playstore or the Apple App Store and open the app OR open any browser and click –

2. Enter a unique Username (e.g. corporate email address), and click “Next
3. Enter “noknok” as password and click “Sign In
4. When you have successfully registered your passwordless credentials, click the 3 horizontal lines in the upper left corner and select “Sign Out”.
5. Sign-in again without a password – That’s it!

The next time you visit – you can log in by just using your biometric credentials!

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