FIDO Authentication And Login Success: A Review

Rolling out FIDO Authentication comes with many advantages. Not only does it offer customer data protection, but it can also make the user experience more seamless.

At the forefront of the pursuit of reducing password reliance is FIDO Alliance. Its members, including Nok Nok Products, promote the use of multi factor authentication. 

What FIDO Offers

There are many advantages to using FIDO Authentication. Generally, it balances security and usability. It can lower operational costs. It is scalable. At the same time, it is future-proof.

Users can also expect a better experience. No need to think of and memorize passwords. At a single touch of their fingers or a shot of their face, they can sign in. 

The Log In Process

User experience is of utmost importance for companies. It helps increase lead conversion, generate revenue, and promote brand loyalty. That is especially true for businesses and platforms that handle financial transactions.

Passwords can be a pain at the entry point. Users can forget them. Then, they would have to reset the password, which is another step to complete. In some instances, the reset password may not work. Thus, they will have to contact customer support.

The adoption of multi factor authentication offers better sign-in processes. For instance, the implementation of FIDO Authentication can lead to a 6% increase in login success rates across different apps. That is an impressive feat as moving even 1% is difficult. 

Compared to legacy methods or traditional ways of signing in, FIDO Authentication offers a 78% reduction in sign-in times. When using passwords, users can forget the right codes. Passwordless authentication can address that.

The success rate of authentication is at 99.9%, as seen in Intuit’s case. In comparison, using OTP for SMS may result in an 80% to 85% success rate. 

On the security side, FIDO Authentication is not lacking. Using it reduces session times. Thus, decreasing opportunities for potential attacks. 

Nok Nok Products 

In this day and age, identity has become crucial for businesses. Instead of a one-size-fits-all sign-up and sign-in screen, identity authenticators are more relevant. 

Since many consumers are moving to mobile, companies need to find a more convenient way for users to access their services. Having multiple fields to fill in, including usernames and passwords, can cause issues. It is prone to errors and can also be considered as cumbersome.

Multi factor authentication is a great option to build a convenient user experience. It protects accounts and prevents takeovers while ensuring easy access for the account holders.

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