Nok Nok Labs Delivers iOS Support to NTT DOCOMO; Selected for DOCOMO’s Expansion of FIDO-enabled d ACCOUNT App

March 7, 2016
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PALO ALTO, Calif., March 7, 2016  — Nok Nok Labs, an innovator in modern authentication and a founding member of the FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) Alliance, today announced that the NNL™ S3 Authentication Suite has been selected by NTT DOCOMO, INC. (“DOCOMO”) for the expansion of its FIDO-enabled ecosystem to include iOS support. DOCOMO announced this expansion on March 7 and with a launch scheduled for March 9. DOCOMO previously announced FIDO support for DOCOMO services with its deployment of the Nok Nok App SDK for Android and Nok Nok Authentication Server in May 2015. DOCOMO is now adding the Nok Nok App SDK for iOS to offer the same FIDO Certified™ support to consumers with iOS devices, providing a simple and stronger way to authenticate to DOCOMO d ACCOUNT™ for its services and its partners’ services.

As the largest mobile service provider in Japan, DOCOMO serves more than 70 million consumers. In addition to delivering advanced wireless networks, DOCOMO has been at the forefront of innovation in the wireless carrier market. According to a February 2016 press release by the MM Research Institute, a market research firm based in Tokyo, Apple was the the leader in the shipment of mobile phones and smartphones in 2015. Apple's share among the total shipment of mobile phones in Japan was 41.2% and for smartphones was 53.4%.


This announcement adds further validation that Nok Nok Labs' S3 Authentication Suite helps deploying organizations improve the end user experience with their internet scale consumer authentication deployments, supporting a heterogeneous device population. Along with DOCOMO's existing deployment of 10 different FIDO Certified™ Android devices, DOCOMO's additional support of iOS devices continues a number of DOCOMO industry "firsts" for a mobile network operator:


  • First carrier to offer a billing system that is enabled by the FIDO Ecosystem
  • First company to offer a federated Identity system integrated with the FIDO Ecosystem
  • First to jointly launch a FIDO ecosystem with multiple mobile device manufacturers
  • First to offer a mobile device that authenticates via the iris biometric modality


"DOCOMO is a worldwide innovator in providing its millions of customers with simple and strong authentication backed by a standards-based approach," said Phillip Dunkelberger, President & CEO of Nok Nok Labs. "Heterogeneous device coverage is essential for today's deploying organizations - mobile services need to cover the dominant mobile platforms to achieve rapid growth. Leaders like DOCOMO provide a superior customer authentication experience while saving time, energy and resources with using a single authentication platform that avoids internal silos and diverts valuable developer time."


DOCOMO d ACCOUNT, formerly DOCOMO ID, provides its customers with online service access and carrier billing for DOCOMO and third party services. Using FIDO standards, online authentication using biometrics sensors for d ACCOUNT login and carrier billing payments was rolled out last year with four Android devices. Since then, DOCOMO has continued to expand a number of FIDO-enabled Android smartphones and services, which can be authenticated with FIDO. Adding FIDO support for iOS devices with the d ACCOUNT program allows DOCOMO to offer services to more devices. By eliminating passwords with Nok Nok Labs' FIDO Certified™ solution, DOCOMO can use a standards-based approach to deliver a superior end-user experience while rapidly introducing new services and products.


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