Download the Nok Nok Express mobile application from the App Store on your iOS device.

Download Nok Nok Express

Now you may start Nok Nok Express.

Using Nok Nok Express

Create a new account and login.

  • Username: We suggest using your email address as the username for uniqueness.
  • Password: noknok

After you log in, touch the top left menu icon, and touch “Settings” in the drop-down menu to set up any FIDO recognized authentication methods on your device.

As soon as you have set up one or more methods (Fingerprint, Facial, PIN …) you can start your passwordless experience.

Try more functions in the demo. For example:

  • The Account Recovery feature.
  • On the Pay a Friend screen, notice that sending a large payment to your contact Pat Johnson may require more authentication. First try sending $100, then send $1000. Notice that transactions greater than $501 have a different policy that requires an additional authentication.
  • Click Open New Account on the sign in screen. This will walk you through creating an account and setting up authentications and recovery methods without ever using a password.
  • On the Settings screen, create a second factor authentication by selecting Second Factor Sign In from the drop down menu and clicking Setup or Setup with QR Code. Second factor works by first requiring a username and password and then a second authentication that you’ve set up. Note that it’s easiest to try this by first removing any existing registrations before creating a second factor authentication.