Nok Nok Labs and GSMA’s Mobile Connect @ MWC:A

As we have written in our blog before – NNL has partnered with the GSMA on their product – Mobile Connect. Mobile Connect is a secure universal log-in solution in which the GSMA aims to provide a worldwide login service. This project enables interoperability and aims to leverage ubiquity to ease the global deployment of federated identity.

With this partnership we will help Mobile Network Operators deliver a biometric-enabled, FIDO Certified™ customer authentication experience that increases revenue and customer loyalty as well as opening the door to additional commerce services and partnerships.

GSMA Innovation City makes its debut at Mobile World Congress Americas 2017 and promises to deliver a diverse showcase of innovative, topical, and cutting edge products and services.

Some of the use cases that will be showcased at the Innovation City:

Using a Smart Vending Machine to deliver beverages with age-based authentication is an example of NNL partnering with GSMA. Today, all age-based verification is done by human scrutiny which is expensive and prone to error. Using the biometric identity provided by the MobileConnect App on your mobile device and authenticated by NNL Authentication Server, the vending machine delivers a beverage based on the age and user’s choice.

In this world of digital commerce, Card Not Present transactions are increasing at a breathtaking pace. Card Not Present fraudulent transaction charges are also on the rise. To protect and aid customers, Visa and GSMA, using the NNL Authentication Server, have created mobile device transaction notification and authentications. The owner of the card receives a notification on their mobile device and can then approve or deny the charges by either tapping cancel or authenticating with their biometrics. This confirmation reduces millions in fraudulent charges that are accepted as the industry norm today.

San Diego Healthcare
Electronic Health Records need to be protected more than ever before. Privacy and accessibility are at loggerheads, and the industry has ended up at a crossroads where compromise seems inevitable. Emergency medical responders who are specially trained to provide out-of-hospital care in medical emergencies have to treat patients in unplanned and unexpected situations. This makes it tough to implement authentication and privacy policies while the focus is on providing the best medical care. NNL with GSMA will be providing biometric authentication to save precious time for first responders. In some scenarios, fingerprint may not be an option, so NNL enables Facial Recognition for smooth authentication.

Innovation City will be in the South Hall during Mobile World Congress: Americas. The show starts on Tuesday, September 12th and ends Thursday, September 14th in the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California. We hope to see you there.

If you can’t make it to Innovation City – Nok Nok Labs will also have a booth at the FIDO Pavilion located in the North Hall during exposition hours. We invite you to meet us there as well.

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