There are a large number of existing authentication solutions in the marketplace. Forrester Research estimates the market to include 100-200 vendors today whose solutions include hardware-based tokens, SMS-based OTP, mobile applications, biometric sensors and many more. These solutions vary in their usability, security strength and the vertical and regional markets that they address.

The challenge for security vendors today is to ensure that their solutions meet the changing market dynamics – whether it’s the switch to mobility for both enterprise and consumer use cases, or the shifting regulatory framework, which is requiring more specific implementations. Nok Nok can assist security vendors in developing their offerings around the FIDO ecosystem in a number of ways. These include:

  • Future-proofing their solution – By adding FIDO support to either a server or client architecture by integrating the Nok Nok™ S3 Authentication Suite, vendors will ensure that their technology remains relevant.
  • Increasing the depth & breadth of their solution – The Nok Nok technology can allow existing security solutions to easily support a wide range of different authentication solutions.
  • Increasing market opportunities – By partnering with Nok Nok, vendors gain access to a wide range of strong partnerships that have been developed over the last several years.

The emerging FIDO protocols present both a threat and an opportunity to existing security vendors. By standardizing the way that an authentication solution communicates with a device and a server, the FIDO Alliance is opening up additional markets, while potentially reducing the value of standalone, proprietary authentication solutions. Nok Nok reduces this exposure and ensures that Security Vendors can quickly take advantage of this new market opportunity.

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