Ramesh Kesanupalli

CEO of Digital Trust Networks and Co-Founder of the DID Alliance

As the Founder of Nok Nok Labs, Ramesh Kesanupalli brings to the company more than two decades of public and private sector IT security experience. Mr. Kesanupalli is responsible for representing the company as a board member of the FIDO Alliance (http://www.fidoalliance.org/), where he provides leadership to an industry consortium where Nok Nok Labs is a founding member. Mr. Kesanupalli previously served as the Chief Technology Officer of Validity Sensors where he was responsible for software direction, strategy, alliances and strategic business development. He has also held senior management roles at Phoenix Technologies, Object Connect, Telsima, Inc. (formerly Kinera) and Network 24, which was acquired by Akamai. Mr. Kesanupalli holds patents in wireless middle tier software systems and is the author of several authentication patents. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics Engineering from Madras Institute of Technology, India, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics from Nagarjuna University, India.

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