White Paper: PwC Whitepaper

Know the game, not just the rules. The changing face of cybersecurity. Dr. Richard Horne, Cyber Security Partner at PwC and member of Nok Nok Board of Advisors, seeks to prompt a discussion about how our mindset and approach to cybersecurity needs to change. He proposes 10 areas where important challenges must be confronted.

Those include:

  1. Authenticating people
  2. Fixing the hard basics
  3. Protecting data
  4. Validating inputs
  5. Anomaly detection
  6. Culture
  7. Third-party oversight
  8. Untrusted apps
  9. Resilient business
  10. Risk mindset.

“Cybersecurity is about far more than being able to demonstrate that security is ‘good enough.'”

— Dr. Richard Horne, Partner, PwC

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