Nok Nok SDKs are used by developers around the world

Nok Nok is the #1 vendor of Authentication SDK solutions for consumer facing products world wide, and provides SDKs to support developers in the quest to build next generation authentication services into their apps and services.  Nok Nok App SDKs support iOS, Android, and web applications.

Nok Nok App SDK

The Nok Nok App SDK bridges the authentication needs of your applications and the security capabilities of your users’ devices. Its unique plug-in design allows the Nok Nok App SDK to integrate with virtually any authentication method present on the device, giving you and your users flexibility in choosing the most suitable method for each use case. The Nok Nok App SDK overcomes the unnecessary trade-off between security and usability. By making authentication both more secure and more usable, the Nok Nok App SDK facilitates user adoption of strong authentication and improves end-to-end security.

Passwords frustrate users. Passwords are hard to remember and difficult to type on mobile devices. They can be stolen, phished, guessed, and shared. The Nok Nok App SDK minimizes the need for passwords, letting users authenticate quickly and effortlessly with user-friendly methods such as fingerprint recognition, voice recognition, face recognition, Personal Identification Numbers (PINs), and many other options. The App SDK enables users to sign in quickly and easily, which increases user engagement. It reduces friction in transactions, improving completion rates and lowering cart abandonment.

The Nok Nok App SDK lets users authenticate with their existing devices by taking advantage of the latent security capabilities already built into devices. By eliminating the need to provision, distribute, or track separate tokens for authentication, The App SDK reduces costs dramatically. Users can view the authentication methods accepted by your application and choose the one that suits them best. They can even register different methods on different devices, picking the one they find most usable on each device.

Nok Nok Authenticator SDK

Nok Nok provides the Authenticator SDK as an API for the FIDO Authenticators to interact with FIDO clients which interacts with Mobile Apps. We are the top provider of ASM SDK capabilities for FIDO certification of Authenticators for ISVs, consultants, and relying parties.

Nok Nok Authenticator Kernel SDK

The Authenticator Kernel (AK) SDK enables hardware device and software manufacturers to create authenticators for the various biometric modalities that they want to support. Nok Nok is the market leader in providing Authenticator Kernel capabilities for OEMs, secure silicon partners and device manufacturers.

Nok Nok Authentication SDK for IoT

To secure access to connected home, connected devices and network services you need strong authentication. Our SDK for IoT devices provides a standards based strong authentication that can provide modern experience for users and secure access between devices using open industry standards and cryptography.