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S3 Authentication SDK

Nok Nok, the #1 vendor of Authentication SDK solutions, provides server, app, and embedded SDKs to support developers as they build next-generation authentication services into their apps and services. These SDKs have been tested in deployment at web-scale and for carrier-grade quality and security by the world’s most demanding customers and allow the integration of next-generation authentication into your services and applications.  The SDKs are based on current and future FIDO standards that Nok Nok continues to author, track, implement and test, allowing your development team to focus on their core competence and your business.

Flexibility, Integration, Performance

Benefits of the S3 Authentication SDK

  • Developers who leverage the Nok Nok S3 Authentication SDK to add FIDO authentication have full control of the user experience. The Nok Nok Server SDK includes thread-safe Java libraries that require no callback. There are no requirements on hardware architecture, web container, data persistence, or IAM stacks.
  • App developers do not need to learn about and keep up with FIDO protocols (Web Authentication, FIDO2, UAF, U2F). On the client side the Nok Nok App SDK is available for iOS, Android and web applications. On the server side, relying parties’ developers can integrate with Nok Nok Server SDK (Java libraries).
  • Nok Nok software is deployed by top-tier Mobile Network Operators and financial services companies. We have relying parties with users in the 10s of millions. The implementation of FIDO protocols in the Nok Nok Server SDK is the most complete as compared with any other vendor or Open Source projects.
Excellent Starting Point

Integrate FIDO Based Authentication

As illustrated in the diagram, the Nok Nok S3 Authentication SDK consists of the Nok Nok S3 Server SDK and the Nok Nok S3 App SDK.  The Nok Nok S3 Authentication SDK enables developers to quickly add FIDO authentication to their business use case for mobile, web, or other platforms. For customers who need a full-fledged server with extended functionality may use the Nok Nok S3 Authentication Suite.  Those customers however that want to deeply integrate FIDO-based authentication into their infrastructure and applications without maintaining a separate server, the Nok Nok S3 Authentication SDK provides an excellent starting point. The SDK approach may also be suitable for Proof-of-Concept where running and integrating a separate server is not possible. The SDK approach may also be suitable for IAM product vendors or SaaS vendors who wish to embed or OEM FIDO-based authentication as a part of their offerings.


Finally, as the FIDO becomes a de-facto standard for next-generation authentication, much as SSL became a building block for the modern web, there is a need to adapt existing security hardware, authenticators, and emerging use cases for smart devices, IoT to be FIDO-ready.  Nok Nok has deep expertise in designing and licensing FIDO SDKs and solutions to the world’s foremost silicon and device vendors. We have worked closely with many of these silicon and handset manufacturers to help them FIDO enable their offerings and to adapt FIDO into newer products and use cases beyond basic user authentication.

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The Tools You Need

The Nok Nok Authentication SDK

The Nok Nok Authentication SDK includes the Nok Nok Server SDK and the Nok Nok App SDKs for Android, iOS and web applications.


Nok Nok Server SDK

The Nok Nok Server SDK is a collection of java libraries that enables your organization to quickly integrate FIDO strong authentication capabilities into existing server applications. The Server SDK adds FIDO authentication to any web or mobile application. The Server SDK contains protocol-independent APIs for generic FIDO request and response messages, features, and extensions. The API separation allows you to concentrate on your FIDO product implementation, irrespective of whether the underlying message payloads are U2F, UAF or FIDO2. The API can be easily extended to support new and future protocols.

Unique Plugin Design

Nok Nok App SDK

The Nok Nok App SDK bridges the authentication needs of your applications and the security capabilities of your users’ devices. Its unique plug-in design allows the App SDK to integrate with virtually any authentication method present on the device, giving you and your users flexibility in choosing the most suitable method for each use case. The App SDK overcomes the unnecessary trade-off between security and usability. By making authentication both more secure and more usable, the App SDK facilitates user adoption of strong authentication and improves end-to-end security.

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