S3 Authentication Suite

Addressing a wide variety of authentication use cases

S3 Authentication Suite

Authentication is the “front door” to digital services. The Nok Nok™ S3 Authentication Suite (S3 Suite) provides passwordless authentication that is more convenient and user friendly than legacy authentication, and is more secure than legacy 2FA, resulting in improved user engagement and greater security.

The S3 Suite addresses a wide variety of authentication use cases:

  • Frictionless on-boarding and progressive profiling, through easy bootstrapping of new devices and account recovery, to suspension and deprovisioning of users.
  • Passwordless authentication support for Desktop Web, Mobile Web, Mobile Apps, Smartwatch Apps and integration for authenticating to call centers.
  • Authentication to cloud services and, in combination with the Nok Nok IoT SDK, to IoT devices.
Complete Protection

Passwordless Authentication Across Any Channel

The Nok Nok passwordless customer authentication platform delivers omnichannel, frictionless authentication to any device. The platform’s extensible architecture allows you to support third party biometric products or new authenticators and biometric modalities – as soon as they hit the market. With unique technologies like Nok Nok™ Silent Authentication and strong device binding, the need for explicit user authentication for certain actions is eliminated. Additionally, Nok Nok™ Quick Authentication makes passwordless authentication faster in high latency environments by reducing the number of network connections required.

Unique Technologies

Strong Multi-Factor Security

In Zero Trust environments, identity is the new perimeter, making authentication your first line of defense. The Nok Nok S3 Suite helps phish-proof your organization by replacing the need for legacy step-up authentication. Built using the most widely accepted authentication standard — FIDO — the S3 Suite is FIDO-certified across all FIDO specifications. We offer a FIDO Universal Server and App SDKs that support all FIDO protocols, including FIDO2 / WebAuthn. With Nok Nok, you get the benefits of strong passwordless security, a best in class user experience and an authentication process trusted by Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft, Google and Apple.

Protections for Customer Privacy

Compliance Ready

CCPA and GDPR, and other global regulations, require protections for customer privacy. Utilizing a privacy-by-design approach, the S3 Suite helps organizations avoid the need for storing biometric customer data for authentication purposes, enabling customers to comply with these privacy regulations. In addition, the Nok Nok S3 Suite provides strong multi-factor and user-friendly authentication enabling compliance with FFIEC, PSD2 SCA and HIPAA requirements. The S3 Suite also supports transaction confirmation for proofing elevated financial transactions and has feature support for delegated authentication specified by EMVCo 3DS2.

Industry Leading

Proven, Scalable Platform

Authentication is a critical function requiring high availability and zero-downtime upgrades. With years of experience and deep domain expertise, Nok Nok delivers a proven, scalable and future-proof authentication solution. Nok Nok is currently deployed at scale to major global brands around the world – supporting industry leading mobile network operators and banks each with tens of millions of customers.


As an inventor of FIDO standards, and a founder of the FIDO Alliance, the Nok Nok platform was the first authentication suite to be commercially deployed using FIDO authentication protocols in 2014.


With S3 Suite’s multi-tenancy support you can authenticate multiple segregated user groups from a single platform for operational efficiency. Additionally, the Nok Nok S3 Suite can be operated in stateless containers, for modern DevOps environments with continuous integration/testing and release automation practices.

Easy Configuration

Adaptive Authentication

Nok Nok adaptive policies allow you to easily configure authentication rulesets that dynamically respond to context. This is typically required when following a Continuous Adaptive Risk and Trust Assessment (CARTA) approach or implementing PSD2 SCA.


By using the Nok Nok S3 Suite adaptive policies combined with strong signals generated by the Nok Nok App SDKs, contextual information provided by business applications and even risk signals provided by 3rd party risk tools, you can (i) avoid additional authentication prompts, (ii) trigger authentication sequences, or (iii) deny access.

Reduce Complexity

Easy Integration

The Nok Nok S3 Authentication Suite is easy to integrate with systems that provide additional contextual information, such as external risk engines and behavioral biometric systems. Additionally, the S3 Suite integrates well into progressive profiling approaches and allows for the easy enrollment of new users.


The flexible platform within Nok Nok’s S3 Suite allows for integrating remote identity proofing engines and supports multiple account recovery options. The S3 Suite also allows users to register multiple authenticators, reducing the need for requiring an account recovery process. The S3 Suite’s Plugin for Access Management integrates with any identity provider and fits into your existing IAM stack.


Nok Nok App SDKs make it easy to leverage the authenticators on any device through a single developer API – abstracting away the platform differences and reducing implementation complexity.

Increased Revenue

Strong ROI

The Nok Nok S3 Authentication Suite delivers tangible benefits in both cost savings and increased revenue. Costs are significantly reduced due to:

  • Reductions in call center traffic due to a direct reduction from end users for password resets
  • Reductions in SMS costs
  • Reduced costs associated with Account Takeover (ATO)
  • Reduced development costs to support new devices and modalities

Improved customer engagement results in increased revenue due to:

  • Reduced transaction abandonment
  • Improved onboarding success rate
  • Improved authentication speed
  • Increased use of applications
  • Improved app rating

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