Nok Nok SaaS is a cloud offering aimed towards providing customers the ability to rapidly deploy FIDO-based authentication solutions without having to worry about any in-house investments. How to Buy.

With the advent of Cloud Computing and “As A Service” offerings, enterprises are looking to quickly procure, deploy and integrate FIDO based authentication solutions without having to invest in dedicated IT hardware and software resources. Further, often they have little or no mobile or server development resources to perform integration.

In order to address this need Nok Nok is introducing “Nok Nok Strong Authentication as a Service” (Nok Nok SaaS) with the aim to provide enterprises a cloud based offering to rapidly prototype and deploy FIDO based biometric authentication, armed with a policy engine to incorporate risk-based profiles based on their needs. The biggest beneficiaries of this service are customers who are in the early phases of adoption of the proven FIDO based biometric authentication methods and are looking to evaluate it and then scale the solution for commercial/production deployment.

Self-Service Administration: Customers will be able to configure the parameters of the authentication Service to their specific requirements. This is possible using the Policy Editor module which allows granular level policy creation for authentication e.g. Device, Geo-location, Velocity etc.

Cloud Services Integration: Ability to use the Authentication Service to authenticate access to common SaaS products, including Google Apps for Work instances,,, etc. Any Cloud-based application that supports federation of authentication through industry-standard based methods such as SAML or OpenID Connect (OIDC) can be easily integrated with Nok Nok SaaS.

Federation Connectors: The Nok Nok SaaS offering include Connectors to on-premise deployment of Federation Authentication or IDP products such as PingFederate, IBM ISAM or ForgeRock. Businesses who have such Federation products can now integrate easily to the Nok Nok SaaS using the Nok Nok Connectors.

REST API Integration: The Nok Nok SaaS also provides direct API based integration for those who have proprietary authentication infrastructures today.

This service is available to customers for free for the first 30 days. Request your free evaluation now: