The Right Mix: Intuit’s Journey with Customer Authentication

October 28, 2019

Millions of Intuit customers place their trust in Intuit to protect their sensitive
information, and Intuit takes this responsibility very seriously. Insecure password-only
authentication is a common practice in the industry; however, Intuit wanted to provide
additional layers of security to protect their customers’ data that also wouldn’t add
friction to the user experience. But as everyone in the security community knows, it is
hard to come across a solution that can do both.

Intuit applied the best of both worlds working with Nok Nok Labs to deploy FIDO
Authentication. Today, Intuit’s users sign into its portfolio of mobile apps seamlessly with
unique biometric identifiers like their fingerprint or facial recognition patterns, or even
your phone’s passcode. And Intuit’s login process isn’t just more convenient. It offers
another level of security – thanks to FIDO Authentication.