• Authentication | Do the Simple Things| Uber & the Horsemen of the Breach Apocalypse

    Rajiv Dholakia | Nov 22, 2017

    The First Horseman of the Breach Apocalypse strikes again.  According to reports, Uber was breached allowing the personal information of 50 million customers and 7 million drivers to be stolen. The culprit? A compromised credential and weak, out-dated authentication practices.

  • FIDO | Claims and Calculations | Nok Nok Labs and ThreatMetrix

    Rajiv Dholakia | Sep 18, 2017

    Today, we announced a partnership with ThreatMetrix to deliver a combined strong authentication and risk-based authentication solution for modern digital identity worldwide.  In this industry first ThreatMetrix will deliver a digital identity service that combines their leadership in risk-based authentication and our leadership in strong authentication based on the FIDO…

  • Nok Nok Labs and GSMA’s Mobile Connect @ MWC:A

    Satish Karry | Sep 8, 2017

    Nok Nok Labs (NNL) is proud to be part of MWC Americas Innovation City in San Francisco this coming week. We are collaborating with many organizations to showcase our Strong Authentication technology. I am very excited to be part of this initiative.

  • Digital Identity is at the Heart of Innovation City

    Samuel Harrison | Aug 17, 2017

    Over a half a million people have visited Barcelona to participate in the GSMA’s flagship event: Mobile World Congress. This year, for the first time, the GSMA is holding a regional specific event focused on the Americas. From September 12th to the 14th, tens of thousands of attendees will descend…

  • What is the State of Biometrics?

    Samuel Harrison | Jul 10, 2017

    “Security” used to mean “Difficult”. Thanks to the impact of biometrics over the past few years, that is no longer the case. Every day millions of people interact with a sliver of glass in their pocket that will tell them everything from the current age of the universe to when…

  • On Cyber-Attacks and Authentication Credentials: Cyberdefense’s Weak Underbelly

    Rajiv Dholakia | Jun 29, 2017

    Sometimes the news can numb you to vital information.

  • Can Blockchain Change the Face of Identify Management?

    Jonas Lamis | Jun 14, 2017

    You’ve no doubt heard of Bitcoin: The distributed digital currency that that has grown to tens of billions in value in the past few years. Bitcoin has recently surpassed Justin Bieber in Google Search popularity, so I think it’s safe to say that $BTC is becoming a mainstream concept.

  • FIDO | Beyond the Basics | What You Need to Know

    Jonas Lamis | Apr 14, 2017

    For years now, the FIDO Alliance has been pushing for the uptake of FIDO; an open and scalable set of standards that enable simpler and more secure user authentication experiences across many websites and mobile services. And now hundreds of millions of consumers are now engaging in FIDO experiences across…

  • Flexible Authentication Strategy Key to Meeting Business Demands

    Samuel Harrison | Mar 20, 2017

    We are six months out from the rumored launch of a rumored new iPhone. As a result, of course, article after article has been posted confirming that, yes, we love our Apple rumors.

  • Step Away From the Server With Device-Based Security

    Samuel Harrison | Feb 7, 2017

    Is it possible that in the near future, there will be no more server-based passwords to hack?