Terry Opdendyk

Terry Opdendyk is the founding Partner of ONSET Ventures, specializing in information and medical technology start-ups for more than 30 years.  Mr. Opdendyk was formerly the President of VisiCorp.  Early in his career, he was a technical manager for Hewlett-Packard and later headed Intel Corporation’s microcomputer systems business and microprocessor… Read More

Jae-Jung Kim

Jae-Jung(“JJ”) Kim is Chief Technical Officer of Daou Kiwoom Group, a diversified business group headquartered in Korea with 17 subsidiaries globally in the IT and financial services industries. Mr. Kim is responsible for the entire group of IT and global businesses in the Strategy Planning of Daou Kiwoom Group. Mr. Read More

Henry Chai

Mr. Chai is Chair of the FIDO China Working Group, the first regional working group established by the FIDO Alliance in 2016, which is committed to facilitate the communication and cooperation within the China authentication ecosystem and ensure the unique technical requirements of FIDO specifications for the Chinese market are… Read More

Phillip M. Dunkelberger

Phillip Dunkelberger has broad experience resulting from more than 30 years in technology. Prior to leading Nok Nok Labs, Mr. Dunkelberger served for 8 years as co-founder and CEO of PGP Corporation, the leader in the Enterprise Data Protection market, until acquired by Symantec in 2010. He has significant experience… Read More

David Chao

David Chao is Co-Founder and General Partner at DCM Ventures. At DCM, Mr. Chao guides portfolio companies to formulate corporate and product marketing strategies, develop strong management teams and implement domestic and international partnerships. He is the Chairman of 51job and a Board member of The Renren Network in Japan. Read More