Enhance customer’s shopping experience and increase customer engagement by delivering a frictionless authentication experience. 

Engage and transact on the web, mobile, in-store and more using a risk-appropriate mobile biometrics, out-of-band, or other authentication methods. Nok Nok provides a Unified Authentication Platform with a simple RESTful API to integrate into any existing customer-facing application.

With powerful telemetry and customer intelligence, Retailers can now deliver a modern experience and transform the mobile application as an anchor to connect, engage, transact, and service customers online, in-store, or over the phone.

Passwordless Authentication

Eliminate all friction from customer’s shopping and engagement experience providing a secure passwordless experience on the web, mobile, and other channels. By leveraging standards-based mobile, your customers no longer have to worry about remembering passwords or be vulnerable to phishing or man-in-the-middle attacks.

Secure Transactions and Fraud Protection

By using high assurance mobile credentials and device risk signals, retailers significantly reduce fraudulent transactions and mitigate the impact of data breaches and risks associated with stolen credentials like passwords or other shared secrets.

Transform Customer Service

Instantly authenticate users over the phone, save precious seconds, and engage the customer with confidence.

Omni-channel Customer Authentication

Transform your mobile application into a digital loyalty card. Authenticate on the web, verify on the phone, or authorize transactions with a tap of on your smartphone. With unified authentication, deliver a remarkable omni-channel customer experience with powerful insights and user intelligence personalize at every interaction.