The concepts and technical designs behind the FIDO protocol were written and introduced by Nok Nok Labs’ founders in 2011 to address the usability, interoperability and security risks associated with the username-password scheme as a form of authentication.

Nok Nok founded the FIDO Alliance in 2013 with a hand-selected group of like-minded companies and contributed the core technical specifications and key ideas that are at the heart of the FIDO Alliance today. We remain a guiding hand for the alliance as a board member, author of multiple FIDO specifications and co-chair the security & certification working groups.

We are proud, most recently, to have been co-authors with Google, Microsoft, PayPal and others of the latest FIDO specifications called the FIDO2 Project. Alongside the existing FIDO standards that reach over 3B+ users, the arrival of the FIDO2 project promises to kick off a new era of internet security. The standards combine security with ease of use for end-users, developers and IT with broad reach across every major computing platform and use case. Our work has the support the majority of the computer and phone industry from hardware to operating system and by major financial institutions and well as regulators and standards bodies.

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The FIDO Alliance provides a forum for creating open standards specifications, providing certification and interoperability and security certifications for commercial implementations of the standards.

Nok Nok provides an Authentication Platform for use cases across Cloud, Mobile & IoT and have developed a deep and nuanced understanding of adapting the FIDO specifications to achieve a variety of business goals ranging from improvement of customer experience to greater security & assurance.

Today, the Nok Nok™ S3 Authentication Suite is the most widely deployed FIDO-based platform, and we offer the FIDO Jump Start Program for customers wanting to deploy a proof of concept quickly and assess benefits of mobile biometrics and modern authentication platform across multiple relying party applications on the web, mobile, customer service and other channels.

The program intends to enable customers to quickly realize the FIDO value propositions and reduce the time to market. Salient features of the program:

  • Strategy Assessment - Aligning strategic initiatives around identity as a building block of the customer's mobile or web application platform
  • Proof of Concept - Accelerated implementation of prototypes for customer specific use case  and solutions with demonstrated Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Production - Internet-scale deployment and monetization based on customer preference for on-premise or cloud-based solutions.
  • Scale: Launch and drive adoption across multiple services - Customer facing Messaging & Content formulation, Service handling, and growth strategy
  • Disruptive Innovation - Joint evaluation of innovation in the areas of emerging trends such as IoT, Blockchain, Omni-channel authentication, Digitization and more.

Why Nok Nok Labs?

As a founding board member of FIDO Alliance, Nok Nok is working closely to define current and future standards, our team of experts, has full visibility on the future of authentication and are involved in working closely with other industry groups like GSMA Mobile Connect, NIST,  EMVCo, etc.

Since the founding, our team has been evangelizing with Fortune 500 organizations globally on how they leverage next-generation authentication for digital transformation, accelerate time to market digital services and support evolving customer journeys.

You can expect an expert team of FIDO evangelists, executives, architects, security experts and a developer support team committed to the success of your project.

Nok Nok’s team of FIDO experts will inform your long-term strategy and ensure the success of current projects.

What to Expect

The team’s focus is to help you realize your vision for the project. Demonstrate benefits of transforming customer experience with any of the biometric authenticators, improve security posture with un-phishable authentication, reduce the cost of interoperability with an existing identity, risk and relying on party applications.

Key Deliverables

FIDO Jumpstart program is designed to deliver a fully operational FIDO-compliant mobile application and a relying party application server in your testing environment.

Key project activities include:

Kick-off Workshop: Evangelization workshop to assess FIDO and next generation authentication applicability to your organization, update on FIDO and Web Authentication specifications and upcoming changes, and to define the scope of a FIDO implementation

Project plan: Define scope and prioritize the Mobile and relying on party applications. Develop strategy and execution plan for the scope of the project

Execution:  Support execution by aligning tasks and activities across stakeholders including a cross-functional team of Business Leaders, Product Owners, Developers, Architects, IT Security, Network Operations,  etc.

Deployment/Testing: Learn how to stand up a test with Nok Nok Environment on Cloud

  • Connect Mobile Application to your relying party applications
  • Integrate Nok Nok to existing infrastructure
  • Understand how the Nok Nok SDK can work with your 3rd party suppliers

Contact us for a no-obligation consultation on leveraging FIDO standard as part of authentication strategy for your business and more.