IoT and Connected Economy

Secure Connections

IoT and Connected Economy

With more than 50 billion connected devices, we use every day; we are entering an era of disruptive consumer business models based on networked devices, digital services and sharing economy.


Humans are interacting with machines using mobile phones and wearables. Machines are talking to other machines (M2M). In this digital world, the integrity of the devices, services they connect to, and transactions they conduct are foundational to mitigate security and safety risks. Also, traditionally offline, operational technologies used by businesses such as physical access control systems (PACS) and those found everywhere from the factory floor to emergency rooms are transforming into mobile-enabled, connected entities everywhere.

Monitor the Conversation

Machines Talking to Machines

Today’s IoT solutions are proprietary stacks and walled gardens. However, users expect to use multiple of devices, services, and platform with their mobile phone or wearable as a universal key to unlock access. With new attack vectors exploiting vulnerabilities of connected devices, manufacturers and application vendors need to address password vulnerabilities and prevent scalable attacks like DDOS, device spoofing.

Building Trust

Unified Authentication

Nok Nok provides the trust fabric of the 21st century connected digital economy. With a unified authentication platform, it unlocks access to buildings, homes and any IoT services using a mobile phone. Leading device and access control system vendors are using Nok Nok for digitizing their products, interface with mobile and IoT devices, and secure the products. With easy to use IoT and embedded server SDKs, manufacturers can support a spectrum of device and user authentication flows such as User to Device, Device to Device, Device to Cloud and more. The platform supports both explicit and implicit authentication, with or without user interaction. IoT, connected cars, home automation, and other smart device manufacturers, can now provide high assurance products and prevent device spoofing, man-in-the-middle (MITM) and other scalable attacks.

“The risk posed by hackers penetrating aircraft, automobiles, medical equipment, generators, and other connected products could be far mor significant than the risks from a breach of an email server. Customers expect products and their data to be safe. So a firm’s ability to provide security is becoming a key source of value and a potential differentiator.” – Harvard Business Review October, 2015

Autonomous Protection

Connected Car

Cars are increasingly getting connected to the network for delivering modern user experience and autonomous operations. Offer secure digital keys to unlock access to a car and make infotainment the hub for personalization.

Home Device Security

Connected Home

Enable your consumers to securely access home automation services and different connected devices through the convenience of a mobile phone.

Secure patients and Devices

Connected Health

Protect medical devices from cyber attacks and improve patient and device security at home, clinics, and hospitals. Eliminate the use of passwords and use industry best practice to secure medical devices by design and provide modern passwordless experience to access the device.

Unified Authentication Infrastructure

Connected City

Smart cities increase efficiency, modernize the resident experience including auto-pay parking, access to facilities, and other digital services. As smart city vision becomes reality, so does the next generation of cyber-physical security threats exploiting vulnerabilities of infrastructure and underlying technologies like smartphones and IoT. Nok Nok secures identity of people and devices and access to facilities and services with a unified authentication infrastructure based on standards.

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