Mobile Network Operators today have a unique opportunity to capitalize on the digital transformation wave to increase revenue opportunities with growth in digital services.

MNOs can play a pivotal role in the Identity & Authentication ecosystem. As consumers are looking to engage with connected services through their smartphones, potential business opportunities for MNOs continue to grow. MNOs play a pivotal role in providing devices, connectivity, content, and other personalized digital services. Trusted digital authentication is the foundation for delivery and consumption of these services.

Leading global Mobile Network Operators trust Nok Nok for a strategic platform that minimizes operational costs and accelerates time to market for new digital services in the fields of entertainment, advertising, IoT, and other connected services. The unified authentication platform supports industry standards like Mobile Connect and has the flexibility to all major device platforms and future applications. Nok Nok is the expert with proven track record for global carrier-grade, internet scale deployments. Nok Nok is the answer to MNO’s need to deliver a frictionless customer experience with omnichannel authentication to the web, mobile, and other digital services.

Passwordless Experience

With the ability to step-up authentication and support any device and authenticator, deliver a modern customer experience by deploying a passwordless login to the web, mobile, and other digital services.

Reduce Cost of Customer Support and Fraud costs

Eliminate call center fraud with strong authentication measures and boost productivity by shaving precious seconds off of every phone call with instant authentication. By authenticating users with their pre-registered phone number, call centers can deliver a frictionless experience, without asking knowledge-based authentication or shared secrets like a pin or one-time passcodes.

Digital Services Delivery

Accelerate your time to market for new digital services, increase customer engagement, and ensure widespread adoption. Nok Nok’s Authentication server seamlessly integrates with the identity gateway to provide a scalable authentication infrastructure to support any device and any authenticator such as the face, voice, fingerprint, etc.

Connected Home and IOT Services

The growth of IoT and the explosion of connected home automation devices has created unique opportunities to offer connectivity, entertainment, health, home security, telematics and other monitoring services.

Identity Provider and Mobile Connect

Digital authentication platform is foundational for digital transformation journey to engage customers with unified login to unlock access to services, promotions, and offerings from hundreds of partners. Find out how Nok Nok is helping to lead MNOs like NTT DoCoMo, T-Mobile, and many others transform to be the trusted identity and digital services, provider.