Today’s digital experience journey begins with consistent frictionless authentication across any channel.

Customer experience and digital business leaders are looking at ways to interact across multi-channel, multi-event customer journeys as they connect and engage the brands. Verifying customers is the first step to delivering a personalized experience. Inconsistent verification methods, use of hard to remember passwords or asking personal information lead to increased friction resulting in lower engagement and abandoned transactions.

Today’s digital experience journey, be it for commerce or entertainment, begins with consistent frictionless authentication across any channel online, in-store, over phone or more. By eliminating friction across all customer engagement points, makes it easy for them connect and transact, resulting in increased engagement and brand loyalty.

Nok Nok’s unified authentication platform unlocks frictionless authentication of customers to any application through the convenience of a mobile phone. The standards-based solution protects customer’s privacy by storing sensitive information like biometrics on the client side. With 90%+ adoption of smartphones, transform your customer mobile application into a digital loyalty card and an anchor of trust.

Nok Nok harnesses the native biometrics and secure authentication capabilities of today’s smartphones to provide a passwordless digital experience. With a single API, developers and business leaders can accelerate time to market modern digital experiences and give customer authentication choices like face, iris, etc. transparently. With a device and authenticator agnostic platform, mobile application developers use a single API to implement standards-based modern authentication without any code changes.

Nok Nok’s Authentication Server integrates with any relying party applications be it on web, kiosks or other proprietary customer-facing application. The gateway module makes it compatible with existing identity and access management systems and feeds powerful device intelligence into existing transaction risk engines.

When combined with NFC and BLE capabilities, Nok Nok unleashes a set of personalized experiences in-store or at self-service kiosks, all through the convenience of a mobile phone. By unifying authentication and harnessing device and user intelligence, you can gain powerful insights into customer engagement and deliver a unique experience and promotional offers to increase lifetime value.