Regulatory and Standards Compliance

Protecting Consumers

Regulatory and Standards Compliance

With ever-increasing data breaches, industries and regulatory bodies are concerned about consumer privacy, identity theft. These organizations expect the business community to adopt security best practices in protecting valuable data assets. Most government or industry regulations around user security are designed to establish assurance and enable digital transformation while protecting against fraud, privacy or data breaches. Today, multiple industries have introduced standards. For example, EMVCo and PSD2 in financial services  GSMA’s Mobile Connect, HIPAA in healthcare, EU-GDPR or NIST guidelines.


Moving Beyond Passwords

Trusted Ecosystem

While it may seem overwhelming and an alphabet soup, a common theme across most of these standards is – they are all identity and authentication centric. Most regulations boil down to having controls in place to know who has access to which information, when, from where and with an untampered audit trail.

Nok Nok, as a founder and visionary of FIDO authentication standard, strongly believes digital identity and authentication standards benefit everyone, and a trusted ecosystem turbocharges digitization of business everywhere. Regulatory and Standards bodies are recognizing the need to move beyond passwords or proprietary tokens. The requirements or recommendation are to take advantage of latest security capabilities and authenticators on modern devices and replace existing authentication modalities. With close collaboration between standards bodies and industry, most of identity and authentication standards like OpenID Connect, FIDO, OAuth, World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) support compliance and align with latest industry regulations and guidelines.

Proprietary solutions are tempting, and a quick fix, but they are expensive and force vendor lock-in. The best practices and sound security strategy has always been to rely on standards. While it may seem more effort or complex initially, but standards accelerate time to market, lower cost, improve security posture and assures interoperability.

Nok Nok is an active participant and has been contributing and working closely with global standards bodies to ensure its product help customer deploy a standards-based solution and not worry about the risk of non-compliance. Nok Nok S3 Authentication Suite supports latest digital identity and authentication standards, regulatory requirements globally including GSMA’s Mobile Connect, Payment services EMVCo and PSD2, NIST 800-63-3.

With standards-based support for client-side biometric authentication, it protects consumer privacy by not capturing and transferring PII like biometrics to a centralized server where it may be vulnerable to data breaches. Right Implementation of an authentication program ensures you deliver remarkable consumer experience, have security by design and can deploy new services and application. Contact us to find out how leading Fortune 500 organizations and visionaries are trusting Nok Nok to roll out next-generation authentication and support latest standards and regulatory requirements.

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