IoT Based Solution


International Data Corporation (IDC) estimates that there will be 41.6 billion connected IoT devices, or “things,” generating 79.4 zettabytes (ZB) of data by 2025. This data holds valuable information about entry/egress times of employees at work, heart rate, car location, who is at the front door, transactions made through smart home speakers, and more – all of which need strong security in a connected IoT device world.

IoT Based Solutions

Secure Authentication

As organizations work toward adopting IoT-based solutions, strong passwordless authentication that is not bound by username/passwords methodologies or shared default passwords is needed to combat the potential for a growing wave of breaches in the IoT space.


The Nok Nok IoT SDK enables organizations to provide flexible, easy-to-use, and secure user-to-device authentication leveraging Nok Nok’s unique legacy in providing passwordless customer authentication across mobile applications, mobile web, desktop web, and smartwatches.


Additionally, as new IoT devices are introduced, the Nok Nok authentication infrastructure lowers the cost and complexity of integrating new use cases. The Nok Nok S3 platform in combination with the Nok Nok IoT SDK allows organizations to address all their authentication use cases through a single developer API, including mobile applications, mobile and desktop Web applications, applications for wearables, and now IoT devices, with support for FIDO and other global standards.


The Nok Nok IoT SDK opens up many opportunities for relying on parties to improve the user experience and provides a more secure, cost-effective authentication for many use cases including asset tracking, fleet management, connected home, privileged access, and many others.

Exceed Security Standards

Benefits of SDK Authentication

  • Can easily run on existing microcontroller units (MCUs). 
  • Meets security industry standards and global regulatory requirements that specify “no (shared) default passwords.” 
  • Provides a practical way to implement MFA that is more convenient than passwords.
  • Supports standalone and cloud-connected devices. 
  • Provides convenient and secure authentication with two-factor authentication
  • Supports all biometric modalities.

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