We Empower Global Brands to Deliver on the Promise of Passwordless Authentication

Why Passwordless Authentication
Put Your Customer First

Authentication is the front door to your digital services. Each touchpoint is an opportunity to make a positive impression. Customers access your services through multiple channels, from desktops to mobile devices and even to smart watches and kiosks. Providing a seamless experience that meets the customer's preference of device can create a greater sense of familiarity and a better relationship with your brand and help drive higher retention rates.

Boost Your Security to the Next Level

Security is required, but legacy authentication methods compromise on convenience, and can add false positives - accidentally keeping out your own customers. And, historically passwords have proven to be easily compromised or phished. Nok Nok helps you deliver an effortless customer experience while providing the highest security and ability to comply with industry standards and global regulations.

Eliminate Hidden Costs

Hidden costs associated with password usage can be found in your company's operations. For example, call centers that receive a high volume of customer requests to reset passwords can be expensive, and the cost of SMS-OTPs to deliver text messages at scale can be substantial. Additionally, customers often abandon onboarding or ecommerce transactions due to the frustration with password-friction eventually impacting your bottom line. By eliminating outdated password- based solutions, organizations can streamline operations and improve the customer experience.

Nok Nok Delivers on the Promise of

Passwordless Authentication

Nok Nok was a founder of the FIDO Alliance in 2013

We started the journey with a small group of like-minded companies that now has over 250 members in the FIDO Alliance. As a co-author of the core FIDO technical specifications, Nok Nok continues to provide leadership at the FIDO Alliance today.