Secure Payments

Safeguard Transactions

Secure Payments

Today the payment and financial services industries are going through an unprecedented transformation in the way consumers and businesses transfer value. Dematerialization of money and payment cards is leading to a seismic shift from physical cards, checks, and currency to digital payments.

From coffee shops to mobile devices vendors to financial services incumbents, everyone is looking for ways to innovate and gain a market share. Mobile devices, wallets, and applications are the anchors of digital trust and preferred channels to transact. Authenticating users and their devices to secure payments with confidence are foundational for converged digital business.

Frictionless Transactions


Nok Nok helps leading Wallet and Digital Payment providers use biometrics to safeguard payments and transactions made through mobile devices with a frictionless transaction experience. Nok Nok’s S3 Authentication Suite reduces transaction and fraud costs by harnessing a device’s hardware security module (HSM) and supporting native or proprietary client-side biometric authenticators like face, iris, voice, and others. Customers love this approach and they engage more with the apps without the complexity of tokens and out-of-band transaction flows.

Reduce Abandoned Carts


The Nok Nok platform provides easy to use SDKs to secure digital wallets and support payment services standards like PSD2 and EMVCo. The Mobile Client, IoT/Wearables Authenticators, and Server SDKs unlock support for any device and application. Nok Nok delivers a remarkable digital experience across merchants, reducing abandoned transactions.

Remove Transactional Risk

Multiple Authentications

Nok Nok makes it possible to generate authentication events for multiple stages of a transaction process, confirming the payment and step-up authentication based on transaction risk. Not only can a user’s identity be challenged at login, but the transaction – including the amount and timing – can be explicitly approved with no more than a simple swipe. When combined with high assurance and powerful device signals this process provides non-repudiation, a critical element to establishing trust in commerce.

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