How many times in your career have you had the chance to build something that becomes a part of the fabric of computing? Nok Nok Labs is a VC-funded start-up, and we’re working on one of the biggest challenges in modern computing — gain freedom from passwords yet make our authentication experience simpler and more reliable! Our founders are pioneers in the technology and infrastructure you use everyday. Ever boot a computer that used a BIOS? Ever use SSL to complete a secure transaction? Ever encrypted a file or done a signature check on software you download with PGP? Completed a transaction on PayPal? Our founders were inventors and leaders who made these a part of the computing fabric. We run an ego-free, roll-up-your-sleeves, and get-things-done environment. If you have experience and ambition creating and improving revolutionary products that are crucial to our customers’ success, or have a deep interest in security, identity, and authentication, we’d like to talk to you!


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