How FIDO Authentication Affects The User Sign In Journey

For many transactions, customers have to input personal information. Because of this, companies have to find ways to ensure security and safety. That is where passwords come in. It is common practice for businesses and platforms to implement passwordless authentication. This way, only the user can access their account.

However, that is not always the case. There are times when others get access to the customers’ passwords. In some cases, the users themselves end up forgetting their passwords. 

Security And Convenience In One

User experience is important not only to customers but to businesses as well. There are many instances when customers abandon their shopping carts or a company’s website or app because they have forgotten their passwords. While resetting the password is an option, it adds another step to the sign-in process.

Intuit, like other companies, wanted to find a way to add more layers of security for the protection of customer data while preventing additional friction when it comes to user experience. Its priorities for a mobile authentication solution were frictionless user experience, security, and minimizing account takeover.

This is a great goal. However, it can be hard to achieve.

Fortunately, Nok Nok Products offers a solution. That is passwordless authentication. Intuit partnered with Nok Nok Products to implement FIDO Authentication on its mobile applications. With this, the login process offers the best of both worlds. It allows Intuit to accomplish all its priorities.

Impact on the Sign In Journey

Intuit successfully rolled out FIDO Authentication across its business applications by working with Nok Nok Products. This partnership has proven the effectiveness of passwordless authentication. 

In terms of usability, the company saw a 20% reduction in the sign-in time on its mobile apps. Login success rates also increased by 6%. 

Security was also addressed. The company reported that there was a decrease in successful phishing attempts since they used FIDO Authentication. 

The user experience was simplified by FIDO authentication. The password-free authentication reduced the number of steps in the process. Because of this, Intuit said it got more opportunities to enhance other security features. 

The success of the partnership pushed Intuit to further include FIDO Authentication in its plans for user sign-in experience, especially on the web. Additionally, the company is thinking of enhancing other flows by implementing FIDO Authentication on other aspects like phone push notifications. 

To learn more about passwordless authentication and get more insight on improving user experience, subscribe to Nok Nok Products. 

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