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Our S3 Authentication Suite supports all use cases for multi-device passkeys. You can support traditional FIDO single-device credentials and the latest multi-device passkeys with a single infrastructure.


Passwordless Authentication

Allow Nok Nok to replace the old, weak methods of authentication with modern passwordless authentication to provide a consistent experience across mobile and web channels.  With Nok Nok you’ll always know “Who’s There.”


Secure Payments

Nok Nok helps leading Digital Wallet and Payment providers like Paypal use biometrics to safeguard payments and transactions made through mobile devices with a frictionless transaction experience.

IoT and Connected Economy

With more than 50 billion connected devices, we’re entering an era of disruptive consumer business models based on networked devices, digital services, and sharing economy.

Omni-channel Customer Experience

Customer experience and digital business leaders are interacting across multi-channel, multi-event customer journeys as they connect and engage the brands.

Regulatory and Standards Compliance

Regulatory and Standards bodies associated with security and privacy, such as GDPR and PSD2, all recommend using the strongest methodologies for authentication.

FIDO and Authentication Patents
Reduction in Account Recoveries
Authentication Success Rate
Daily passwordless authentications

Nok Nok is a pioneer and the leader in passwordless authentication. Through multi-factor and biometric authentication protocols Nok Nok can tell you “Who’s There.”

FIDO, or Fast ID Online, is the standard for authentication protocols. Nok Nok is a co-founder of FIDO. So we don’t just have FIDO Certification, we wrote the book.

Meeting the demand for a passwordless, secure, scalable experience to authenticate users and devices that are interoperable with existing security environments.

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Nok Nok has streamlined and accelerated the process to operationalize your passwordless environment. To schedule a demo, click the SCHEDULE A DEMO button below. And going passwordless is easy for your customers to set up and use going forward.

Proven Solutions

Industries Served

Financial Services

The modern omni-channel authentication solution enables banks and financial services to address customers desire to protect privacy while meeting the latest industry regulations like PSD2.

Mobile Network Operators

Nok Nok is enabling the largest Mobile Network Operators worldwide to capitalize on the digital transformation wave to increase revenues and expand new opportunities in digital services.


Federal, state, and local government agencies are modernizing authentication technologies to better secure access to sensitive data to reduce costs and provide a better experience for employees, citizens, and contractors.


Streamline customer shopping experience, increase customer engagement, and greatly reduce cart abandonment with a frictionless authentication experience.

What the Experts are Saying about Nok Nok


  •  “Aflac is the first Japanese insurance provider to deploy a FIDO-certified solution, and we would like to continue collaborating with Nok Nok Labs to introduce it to banks, insurance industry and other industries.”

    Michihiko Ejiri
    VP, Head of Portal Service Division, Service Technology Unit, Fujitsu Limited.
  • “The implementation of FIDO in our apps like Turbo Tax Mobile was phenomenal. Investing in a framework that allows us to innovate, reduce friction and add more factors over time was the right path for Intuit.”


    Marcio Mello
    Head of Product Management – Identity & Profile Platform
  • “Our Forgot Password flows were running at about 65%. After we rolled out FIDO by Nok Nok, our forgot passwords dropped to 7%.”


    Michael Engan
  • “For our customers, we only use the most secure products on the market that meet their requirements. Nok Nok perfectly aligns within our product portfolio and we are proud of the very trusted partnership.”


    Lukas Praml
  • “Transactions using mobile devices are rapidly spreading and it is essential to support both usability and security. By combining Hitachi’s abundant system development capabilities and know-how in the financial system and security related fields, and Nok Nok’s globally deployed and proven FIDO certified products, we achieved this compatibility, which led to this adoption.”


    Mr. Nobuo Nagaarashi
    General Manager, Financial Information Systems 1st Division, Hitachi, Ltd.

The FIDO Alliance

Nok Nok is a founding member of the FIDO Alliance, and is proud to support its objectives. 

About FIDO

The FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) Alliance was formed in July 2012 to address the lack of interoperability among strong authentication devices as well as the problems users face with creating and remembering multiple usernames and passwords.

Nok Nok Authentication

The Nok Nok S3 Authentication Suite solutions are FIDO Certified™.

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