“Aflac is the first Japanese insurance provider to deploy a FIDO-certified solution, and we would like to continue collaborating with Nok Nok Labs to introduce it to banks, insurance industry and other industries.”

Michihiko Ejiri
VP, Head of Portal Service Division, Service Technology Unit, Fujitsu Limited.

“The implementation of FIDO in our apps like Turbo Tax Mobile was phenomenal. Investing in a framework that allows us to innovate, reduce friction and add more factors over time was the right path for Intuit.”

Marcio Mello
Head of Product Management – Identity & Profile Platform

“Our Forgot Password flows were running at about 65%. After we rolled out FIDO by Nok Nok, our forgot passwords dropped to 7%.”

Michael Engan

“Traditionally, one of the biggest challenges of authentication systems has been to balance security with user experience. Due to the FIDO standard, we are confident that both elements work together seamlessly to provide customers with the highest security standards, along with a transparent and agile user experience.”

Juan Francisco Losa
Global Technology & Information Security Officer

“For our customers, we only use the most secure products on the market that meet their requirements. Nok Nok perfectly aligns within our product portfolio and we are proud of the very trusted partnership.”

Lukas Praml

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