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With digitization, governments are embarking on a journey to offer digital services to citizens. Federal, state, or local government agencies are also looking at modernizing and securing access and reduce costs for employees and contractors. With revised guidelines from governments globally to leverage mobile biometrics, it is now imperative to offer mobile access to citizens and offer derived credentials on mobile phones for employees and contractors. With Nok Nok, you can offer secure credentials, eliminate passwords, and deliver a standards-based authentication platform that meets the latest guidelines recommended by NIST and other government agencies globally.


Empower the People

Passwordless Multi-Factor Authentication

  • Offer hardware-grade security at the cost of software by leveraging the public key cryptography capabilities of modern endpoint devices like phones and PCs without the hassles of key management. Empower your employees, contractors, and citizens to access information through the convenience of mobile phone and eliminate vulnerabilities and costs associated with password management.
Digitize Access

Citizen Services

  • Digitize access of services to citizens and residents for applications including permit issuance, business license renewal, digital payments, and parking, through the convenience of a mobile phone or a browser on any device. Increase user engagement and deliver a modern experience for the next generation of smart government services.
Unlock Access

Derived Credentials

  • Support NIST’s latest 800-63-3 Digital Identity and Authentication guidelines across all applications. Deliver a passwordless authentication experience, with AAL2 and AAL3 compliant derived credentials on mobile phones using any authenticator. Unlock access to a spectrum of agency-wide, G2B and G2C applications and remove the dependency on weak passwords and deprecated SMS OTP. By leveraging the underlying secure hardware and memory of mobile devices and standards to establish trust from silicon to the application, it is possible to create derived credentials on mobile phones.
Rapid Deployment

First Responder and Emergency Services

  • Public safety and first responder (PSFR) personnel need to get instant visibility into the location of field resources, access to data, resources, and systems for delivering the proper care and an effective emergency response. Complex authentication requirements and proprietary access control systems hinder the process of access, and any delay—even seconds—can become critical. With a unified standards-based authentication platform, empower PSFR personnel efficiently and securely gain access to mission data via mobile devices and applications anywhere. Rapidly deploy a mobile single sign-on (SSO) and multi-factor authentication application and accelerate compliance with NIST latest guidelines and reference designs developed for the PSFR community.

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