Nok Nok Products Goes To Amsterdam: Money 20/20 Europe

Nok Nok Products joins thousands of companies in Money 20/20 in Amsterdam. Conducted on September 21 to 23, 2021, the event aims to tackle financial technology, its role in various industries, and what to expect moving forward like passwordless authentication.

The Return of Real-Life Interactions 

The past year has been a challenging time for most, if not all, industries all over the world. With the need for social distancing measures, safety has been the main priority.

Because of this, live events were put on hold. Conferences, talks, exhibits, and other similar activities were postponed. 

But as we welcome the vaccine development and rollout, the world is slowly welcoming the return of real-life interactions. While the need for ensuring safety is still a must, organizations and companies can once again come together to tackle important industry developments.

Money 20/20 in Europe

The financial technology community is among those adapting to the new normal through innovation. Money 20/20 is proof of that. 

The three-day event aims to showcase how the industry will move forward and adopt changes to face risks and prepare for the arrival of new technologies. From passwordless authentication to various payment solutions, participants can learn what is new and what to expect in cyber security and the financial market.

More than being the biggest financial technology event, one can expect to see global leaders, tech giants, startups, and new industry challenges. Find renowned speakers, innovators, and C-level executives. Money 20/20 helps business entities expand their network while learning from one another.

Learn from the experience of others. Find out more about various products. Gain knowledge on how to facilitate data and ensure security. See how you can remain relevant as the competitive landscape changes. All of these opportunities are to be seen in one grand event.

Nok Nok Products And Passwordless Authentication

So, where does Nok Nok Products come in?

Nok Nok Products is among the thousands of companies joining the biggest event about the financial landscape and ecosystem in Europe. Through this, the company gets to showcase its part in the innovative industry.

Nok Nok Products is among the innovators in the field of cyber security. With its services, such as passwordless authentication, the company has helped various business entities and financial companies have better security not only for themselves but also for their clients.

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