Nok Nok To Showcase Products And Share Expertise In Authenticate 2021

Technological advancements help make transactions easier and quicker. However, it also poses many challenges. That is especially true when it comes to cyber security.

Protecting Data

There are many ways for business entities and financial organizations to protect data. Perhaps one of the well-known ways is by applying passwords.

However, times have changed. With more developments come new systems. Now, the use of passwords may become a thing of the past.

Industry leaders and innovators have created various modern authentication systems and standards to enhance efficiency while strengthening cyber security.

Authenticate 2021

All of these can be seen and heard in Authenticate 2021 hosted by the FIDO Alliance. Nok Nok Products, together with other players in the financial technology industry, will provide excellent content to educate attendees on best practices in user authentication. 

From FIDO standards-based approach to technical considerations, attendees can expect to bring home new knowledge on the who, what, why, and how of authentication systems. So, whether you are a security strategist, enterprise architect, or business leader, attending this event will surely be fruitful.

What to Expect from Nok Nok

Nok Nok Products will not only showcase its solutions in this three-day event. The audience can also expect to learn from a presentation, as the company also has a speaking slot along with a booth.

Nok Nok offers innovative solutions for various business entities and the financial services sectors to help ensure data security. It is a part of the FIDO Alliance, which stands for Fast Identity Online Alliance. 

The FIDO Alliance aims to address interoperability issues among authentication devices and the problems users face. The conduct of this event is among its efforts to help people from various backgrounds and industries better understand modern authentication.

What Sets It Apart

Authenticate 2021 opens a lot of doors. It is an opportunity for attendees to know the state of authentication. It will also help leaders and companies create a strategy for authentication using best practices. 

Participants can get to know those who have already implemented modern authentication systems and succeeded in enhancing their cyber security. Additionally, you can learn more about the various needs and requirements of different industries when it comes to authentication.

Authenticate 2021 will be on October 18 to 20, 2021 in Seattle, Washington.

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