Case Study: Ericsson


Authentication is a critical function requiring high availability and zero-downtime upgrades. With years of experience and deep domain expertise, Nok Nok delivers a proven, scalable and future-proof authentication solution. Nok Nok is currently deployed at scale to major global brands around the world – supporting industry-leading mobile network operators and banks each with tens of millions of customers.

As an inventor of FIDO standards, and a founder of the FIDO Alliance, the Nok Nok platform was the first authentication suite to be commercially deployed using FIDO authentication protocols in 2014.

With S3 Suite’s multi-tenancy support you can authenticate multiple segregated user groups from a single platform for operational efficiency. Additionally, the Nok Nok S3 Suite can be operated in stateless containers, for modern DevOps environments with continuous integration/testing and release automation practices.

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