Digital Authentication and FIDO Strategy, Solution Architecture Advisory Services

Nok Nok’s Technology consulting practice offers customers services to adopt a FIDO based digital authentication strategy which includes, understanding customer Multi-Factor Authentication needs, User experience, Technical implementation architecture design, integration to its existing security infrastructure etc.

FIDO Certification Services

I have a FIDO Authenticator and want to get it FIDO certified. What level? How to do?

Training Services

Nok Nok provides on-site training seminars, design workshops and quality consultation on FIDO based Authentication.

Development Services

  • Nok Nok Labs provides professional services capability in the following areas:
  • Mobile Authentication Strategy Consulting
  • Custom Design and Architecture for Strong Authentication Support
  • Integration with existing Identity Provider (IdP) systems, Go-Live Configuration & Testing
  • Customer Authenticator Development, testing and Implementation
  • Upgrade to Nok Nok Premium Product offering