Millennials and other digital consumers are redefining the way banks, financial services, and insurance firms do business.

These consumers want to connect, engage, and transact using a mobile app when and how it suits them. The modern omnichannel authentication solution enables banks and financial services to address customers desire to protect privacy while meeting the latest industry regulations like PSD2. With an easy to use SDK, a single API in your mobile application will unlock a modern experience to your users across a spectrum of applications, transactions, and digital services.

Passwordless Authentication

With no more passwords to be managed, reset or hacked, mitigate the impact of fraud, identity theft, and scalable password attacks. Make your first factor of authentication modern and more secure by going passwordless. Make your Mobile and Web authentication frictionless with a simple to integrate API to deliver a standards-based omnichannel authentication experience using the latest biometric modalities like voice, fingerprint, face, iris, and more.

Multifactor Authentication

Deploy risk-appropriate authentication without the expense and complexity of proprietary tokens by harnessing the power a mobile phone’s hardware security modules (HSM). Nok Nok’s S3 suite enables banks, insurance, and financial services companies to deploy any authenticators including modern biometric modalities like face, iris, or fingerprint for dynamic multi-factor authentication on smartphones. The applications also transparently support the use of standards-based Universal Second Factor (U2F) tokens.

Secure Transactions and Fraud Protection

Provide a positive digital experience across merchants, reduce abandoned transactions, and reliable access to digital wallets and applications to mitigate fraudulent transactions and scalable phishing attacks that exploit password vulnerabilities. Leverage consumer devices such as a mobile phone’s Hardware Security Modules (HSM) and biometrics capabilities, to get hardware token-grade security without the associated costs. Additionally, get high fidelity assurance signals by cryptographically linked device intelligence that can easily be integrated with existing risk engines to reduce false positives and process legitimate transactions swiftly.

Omni-channel Customer Authentication

With increased smartphone ownership, reduced use of branches or in-person, financial services firms has an opportunity to make mobile phones the anchor of trust for increasing customer engagement. With the convenience of telephone, these firms can deliver digital experiences and protect customers with strong authentication on the web, mobile, ATMs, and more. Delivering a consistent and modern authentication experience increases customer engagement and unlocks the opportunity to engage customers across all channels to offer value-added services.

Regulatory and Standards Compliance

Regulators across the world have introduced regulations and guidelines like PSD2, EMVCo, GDPR, and NIST to restore trust and assurance in digital transactions and commerce. Nok Nok Authentication Suite provides an out-of-the-box solution to support compliance with these standards and regulations by offering a product that meets requirements and recommendation for security, authentication, and privacy of users and the transactions. Most regulations and standards stem from demands of today’s digital economy. Consumers expect a frictionless user experience with no secrets passwords or tokens, which are the leading causes of financial crime, data breaches, and phishing.