Strong Authentication:  It Is Time to Act

The threats and dangers of hosting server-side secrets are ever increasing. The costs for resetting and managing passwords are continuous and onerous. Authentication no longer needs to be a source of friction and the cause of lost revenue. It can be a gateway to greater services, greater security, better customer… Read More

Multifactor Authentication:  Technical Whitepaper

This whitepaper presents an in-depth explanation of the FIDO architecture and the NNL S3 Authentication Suite. Intended for a more technical audience, the paper also discusses the security advantages of the architecture and its fit within the overall identity ecosystem. Read More

Four Barriers to Adopting Strong Authentication

This whitepaper describes four major barriers to the use of strong authentication: Cost, Usability, Security, and Privacy (“CUSP”). Each of these barriers can carry significant burdens when an organization seeks to adopt strong authentication, and businesses need to consider how these barriers may affect their adoption and deployment of additional… Read More