What if you could authenticate with phishing protection, support dedicated security hardware or security hardware integrated in your users’ everyday devices, allow users to choose PINs, or the biometric modality of their choice – wouldn’t that be great?

These were the questions that led us to form an industry alliance (FIDO Alliance) and explore how those aspirations could work (see FIDO and WebAuthn).

We were thrilled when the industry implemented broad support for these specifications in major operating systems (e.g. Android and Windows 10) and major web browsers (e.g. ChromeEdgeFirefox, and Safari Technology Preview) alike.

Now, the momentum continues as the Kuppinger Cole analysts publicly acknowledge our great work. We are thrilled that the FIDO Alliance and W3C WebAuthentication received the EIC2019 Award for the “Best Future Technology / Standard Project“.

This award encourages us to continue our path towards next generation authentication – to help companies around the globe deploying this new technology and making the authentication experience more secure and more convenient for their users. What’s next? Follow us on social to stay in the loop!

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