The Ukraine War Has A Digital Battleground That Affects US Businesses

Despite the careful language of special military operations being used, the undeniable fact is massive military forces have been directed to invade—and in some cases destroy—vast tracts of Ukrainian land. There is now a war raging between the beleaguered nation of Ukraine and the Russian aggressor, but as a key supporter of the Ukrainian defense, America and its businesses are at risk of attacks on their cyber security.

A Battle With Precedent

Ukrainian digital infrastructure has already shown the effects of cyber-attacks. There have been breaches in everything from their electrical infrastructure to transportation-related networks. Over the years, Russia has tested the boundaries of breaking American cyber security, and the US has in turn responded.

However, with open warfare between one country and another, the world is now seeing how the digital space has become a second battlefield, often with secondary but important consequences. And while the United States is not directly participating in the war, its role as a major supporter of Ukraine has put the American digital space in the target sights of Putin’s “gangster diplomacy.”

What To Expect

Four sectors are traditionally the most likely targets for attacks on cyber security. Finance is a surprise to no one, as Russia is now the victim of history-making sanctions. The energy sector is another, as incursions seek to either seize control or lock legitimate users out of power generation. Transportation and aviation are other sectors, as logistics always plays a crucial role in any successful plan or operation.

However, it is crucial to note that Russian cyber-attacks are not just attacks of a deliberate strategy; they are also attacks of opportunity. Russian attacks are not necessarily conducted by individuals targeting only specific, named targets. They actively hunt for vulnerabilities anywhere and will exploit them if found.

This is where reliance on a single-password-only and knowledge-based cyber security system can expose serious vulnerabilities for any business. Multi-factor authentication systems, or even passwordless authentication systems that use other measures like cryptographic biometrics, increase the trust and safety of systems by orders of magnitude. Passwordless systems have no password to be stolen, and for multi-factor authentication systems, a password being compromised no longer means systems and access and control are given. Without those additional factors, such as a one-time randomly generated code, or the detection of a physical-digital key, a system remains inaccessible.

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