Join Nok Nok’s Vice President, Products, Dr. Rolf Lindemann on Thursday, June 16th at 9 am PT for the Authenticate Virtual Summit: Modernizing Healthcare with Strong Authentication. The summit, sponsored by Nok Nok, will provide expert perspectives and education from leading healthcare organizations, solution providers, and industry experts on how to leverage FIDO and related technologies to modernize healthcare authentication. All sessions will be made available to registrants on-demand following the event. That’s Nok Nok’s Vice President, Products, Dr. Rolf Lindemann at Authenticate Summit. Watch the event here.


Healthcare has been moving to more modern, digital technology – and the COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated this change. While healthcare data has long been known as a valuable and easily monetized target for hackers, the shift to digital services has rapidly increased the amount of data that needs to be protected. Now the industry is urgently in need of stronger authentication practices to protect both provider and patient data as legacy authentication such as passwords, OTPs, and push notifications are easily phished and are not enough to keep data safe.

Dr. Lindemann is in charge of the development and strategy for the company’s products and solutions. Dr. Lindemann brings more than 20 years of experience in product management, R&D, and operations from the IT security industry and is one of the leading experts in FIDO. A frequent speaker at industry events, Rolf Lindemann worked as Senior Director of Product Management at Symantec where he was responsible for research and product strategy on-device authentication in smart grids and mobile networks. Meet Dr. Rolf Lindemann.

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