Google Provides Digital Security Keys To Disrupt State-Level Hacking

The world is now experiencing a time of conflict unlike anything seen in years, but because this is a modern-day, 21st-century clash, the war is not just being fought on a physical battlefield but also a digital one. As the invasion of Ukraine began official state hackers from both Russia and the West engaged in digital warfare, as did independent organizations such as “Anonymous,” a rogue hacking collective that has decided to stand against Russian cyber warfare.

Unfortunately, the worlds of military, corporate and civilian government data spaces are now considered fair game for state-level cyberattacks, funded and driven by government agencies. Now some companies are taking a stand.

Google Intervenes

Google, one of the premier technology companies globally for data management and analytics, is now providing security keys to groups and individuals to help protect them against cyberattack activity. They are distributing 10000 Titan security keys to individuals like journalists, whistleblowers, government officials, and others with sensitive or confidential data to encrypt and protect systems against intrusion and spying.

A Titan security key is an added level of encryption and access control. It is two devices, one a USB card shaped like a key, a Bluetooth device that functions similarly for wireless connections. This adds an extra level of multifactor authentication to an account. In addition to inputting a password to access data on, for example, a Gmail account, an account linked to a Titan security key would require the presence of the USB key plugged into the computer or a confirmed connection to the Bluetooth version for verification.

In other words, like with older multifactor authentication, methods that require a one-time code sent to a phone as an added layer of security, a Titan key system means that even if a password has been stolen through phishing or other means, the data can’t be accessed without a Titan security key to open the second “lock” on the data.

Multifactor Authentication Is The Best Defense

What Google and many other technology companies are discouraging is the use of only a single password to gain access to data and control of systems. A single password means that everything from identity theft, spying on confidential data, and outright seizure of control of systems is possible once that password is discovered.

Now that government agencies like Russia’s GRU are going after many systems and data, security is more important than ever.  If you’re still relying on a legacy password security technology and want to upgrade your network to modern identity and authentication security technology, (including the new global standard of key-pair biometrics), look at Nok Nok products for secure, password-free cyber authentication solutions. The largest global financial brands depend on Nok Nok’s modern auth platform for improving and protecting customer trust. 

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