iOS 16’s Latest Features Offer Better Customizability, Convenience, And Safety

Apple has rolled out a new version of the iPhone’s operating system, the iOS 16. The latest version offers better innovations in design, customization, accessibility, and security with passwordless authentication.

Customizable Lock Screen

The iOS16 now allows for more customizable lock screens. Users can now set up a different wallpaper for their lock screen and home screen. They can also customize the font and widgets they want to see on their lock screen.

Improved Focus Feature

Apple has improved the Focus feature by allowing users to manually select the apps that they want to receive notifications from when the Focus function is active. Users can also customize who will get alerted.

Smarter Siri

Functions that were tricky to accomplish with Siri in previous versions were now improved for easier use of the voice assistant. Siri can now answer and end calls with simple voice functions. Texting with Siri has also improved as it can now automatically add punctuation so users don’t need to dictate them. Users can also add emojis by saying “emoji” and the description of the emoji.

Smoother Dictation

Switching between speaking and typing is smoother with the iOS 16. The keyboard stays open while you speak so you can use it anytime. Users can touch a text you want to replace and replace it with speech.

Additional Features To Live Text

Live Text now has added features that makes extracting information from multimedia more convenient. The new update enables the Live Text feature to recognize and copy text in images and videos. The new Visual Look Up feature allows users to lift a subject in an image and type it in any app. Apart from those, the update includes translation capabilities, a 15-minute undo, and currency conversions.

Writing Improvements

iPhone’s native keyboard was also upgraded with haptic typing for smoother and more efficient writing experience. Haptic keyboard feedback can be turned on or off separately. iOS 16 also features unending and editing in iMessages. The quick notes feature, which was first introduced in iPad OS 15, is now available in iOS 16 as well.

Passwordless Authentication Log In With Passkeys

Passkeys is a digital cryptographic authentication feature that stores the user’s passwords for various apps, websites, and services so they don’t need to remember so many passwords. Passkeys are local to a specific device, which are done in the background for iOS 16. Passwordless authentication protects users from cybercrime while remaining convenient for the users, which is why it’s no surprise that use of passkeys grew in 2020.

If you’re interested in passwordless authentication system, read here to learn more.

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