macOS Gets New Updates Including Better Security

The Mac is still one of the most beloved computing devices, rivaling the ubiquity of the PC. As a result, Apple continues to improve new models and keep the operating system up-to-date, convenient, and easy for users. As India Today reports, macOS has recently developed a new version, dubbed “Ventura,” in the beta testing stages. When it finally rolls out, some useful new features are included that should be welcome by Mac users with various needs.

Enhanced iPhone Connectivity

The iPhone already has one of the best cameras on the market, and now, with the new Ventura features, Mac users will be able to take advantage of their iPhones as web cameras for use in online meetings. Users can register their iPhone with their Mac so that it’s simple enough to switch the Mac’s camera input to the paired iPhone instead when the time comes. It even allows the transfer of facetime calls from one device to another completely interchangeably.

Now all users need to do is ensure some appropriate mount is available for iPhones, and the expense of needing a dedicated webcam for their desktop or laptop computer is now a thing of the past. The Ventura macOS update takes even better advantage of the Apple ecosystem.

Better Security With Passwordless Authentication

A big feature that the Ventura macOS update includes is the implantation of the passkey system for passwordless authentication. Passkeys are a new evolution in cybersecurity; as the name implies, they eliminate the need for passwords. Passkeys are a form of passwordless authentication where two keys exist, a private key held only by a specific device, such as a phone or computer, and a public key stored in the cloud.

The two keys must interact with each other by sending encrypted puzzles that can only be decrypted and solved by the other key. As a result of this encrypted interaction, passwordless authentication makes it impossible for traditional password theft to occur. No password can be guessed or stolen because none are used, and even the verification system is encrypted so that more advanced forms of cybercriminal activity, such as monitoring online activity, are still indecipherable since the data traveling from one end to the other is encrypted.

A Safer Computer

Passwordless authentication through passkey systems is part of the ongoing effort by the Fast Identity Online Alliance, or FIDO, to create an easily implemented, industrywide standard that eliminates the vulnerabilities of the traditional password system. If you’re interested in implementing passkeys with increased cybersecurity, learn more here about Nok Nok’s next-level multifactor authentication technology and passwordless security measures.

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