S3 Authentication Suite Makes Cyber Security Easier & More Secure

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The Nok Nok S3 Authentication Suite is now ready for corporate use with a scalable, passwordless authentication system to protect both businesses and the customers they deal with. Both in-house workflow and customer transactions can enjoy a higher level of protection against identity theft and incursion thanks to updated passwordless systems that are faster and easier to implement, with minimal downtime or system reconfiguration to start enjoying more security benefits and peace of mind.

Improvements to this new suite include:

  • Pluggable Authentication for Backend Database Access
  • Enhanced Transaction Confirmation Support
  • Federation Integration
  • Enhanced Risk-Based Authentication
  • Integration with Existing Enterprise Cryptographic Infrastructure
  • Support an External Backend “Secrets” Store

And more.

The S3 suite is designed to integrate into existing APIs easily and can be easily scaled up as corporate growth demands. FIDO compliant authentication protocols are a part of the system. They can also integrate external, hardware-based key-vaults for even more added security.

Even larger enterprises using existing security systems can easily streamline them for greater ease and accessibility using S3 Authentication Suite, improving not just security but also efficiency.

Easier Implementation

Nok Nok’s S3 Authentication Suite is designed to provide minimal disruption to operations both internally for clients and externally for the customers they may serve. One of the chief concerns many businesses have when implementing security is that the additional protection comes at the cost of slowing down processes and workflow because of implementation, training, and then usage.

Nok Nok’s S3 Authentication Suite not only improves security but also reduces onboarding time to learn the system, and most important of all, it reduces the sign-in speed from existing security protocols. Using Nok Nok products can reduce sign-in times by as much as 78%, thanks to the elimination of needing to remember strong passwords if passwordless and other multi-factor authentication systems are used.

These improvements not only save time but eliminating a single-password-only security system significantly increases the chances of successfully fending off cyber attacks. Even if passwords are still part of an existing security system, with other components such as biometrics, physical keys, or one-time generated codes, securing a password is only one part of a security puzzle and is no longer enough to break into a system.

As companies continue to rely on both local devices and storage and cloud-based storage and applications, cyber security is more important than ever. For the best digital protection and peace of mind, learn more about Nok Nok’s multi-factor authentication technology and passwordless security measures.

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