Welcome to the Nok Nok Video Learning Series. We will look into passwordless authentication, one of the cool new technologies to make authentication more convenient, and more secure. Our focus today is the Same-Device User Experience. To onboard new users, you can ask fewer questions providing a simpler experience for accessing your digital services, called progressive profiling. This can be done on any device for web apps and native apps. In this device, we use a web app on IOS using the Safari browser. We ask the user to register a passkey even before we run an identity verification process. So the user can resume the sign up process at any time in the case of hiccups.

In practice, banks will run a document-centric ID proofing process. But for simplicity in this demo, we only use a simple email OTP binding. Behind the scenes the user is bound to the device with a FIDO passkey, turning devices into a possession factor. Your user can then sign in securely and easily the next time. This improves the authentication success rate and reduces the authentication time. The passkey credential is shared on the same device making it seamless to switch between web apps and native apps. As a result, the Same-Device User Experience has the same convenient and phishing-resistant authentication experience in the browser and the native app on the same device. In our next video, we will focus on the Cross-Device Authentication Experience.

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