Apple’s Newest OS Is More Convenient & More Secure

Apple, the ever-popular alternative to PC-based systems, has announced a slew of new features for its latest operating system update, macOS Ventura. The newest upgrade expands the convenience and functionality of Mac computers for users and introduces many more ways to secure data and devices with passwordless authentication.

Multi-Task Management

For users that need to hop back and forth between different windows on different applications and software, “Stage Manager” is one of the tweaks that can help users to stay focused and on track. Now the primary software being used is displayed as a centralized window, but others that are also “in play” at the moment appear as secondary windows on the side for easier access.

Mail has also been overhauled, with a big upgrade to organization and search features. Email contacts, mail itself, or even specific attached documents or photos can be easily retrieved now. Users can even set reminders to reply to or revisit certain emails within a specified period.

Device Interconnectivity

The new OS is also specifically designed to recognize the presence of an iPhone, even wirelessly. “Camera Continuity” is a new feature that allows macOS Ventura to use an iPhone as a web camera and can connect wirelessly to these devices for use. Users can mount their iPhones on their computer or continue to go handheld as they prefer, with smart features that can dim light or accentuate facial features.

Cybersecurity With Passwordless Authentication

Perhaps most importantly, macOS Ventura has new security features that make device usage safer than ever. Safari browser users can now enjoy a passwordless authentication feature called “passkeys.” Passkeys are digital keys that remain local to a specific device. These passkeys can only be unlocked through different passwordless authentication features based on user availability or preference.

Apple already has different forms of passwordless authentication for users to employ based on biometrics. So whether it is Touch ID or Face ID, users don’t have to worry about memorizing a long, difficult string of random alphanumerics. iCloud Keychain allows this same security to sync across devices like a Mac, iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV, with end-to-end encryption. This security even extends to other non-Apple websites, apps, or even non-Apple devices using an iPhone. 

These steps bring Apple users one step closer to an even safer digital experience that strongly repels attempts at identity theft without requiring inconvenient steps or measures to be taken. If you’re interested in using the FIDO protocol and moving to a passwordless authentication system, read here to learn more.

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